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Yantacaw Brook Park in Montclair, NJ

If you’ve ever visited Montclair, NJ, you’ve probably heard of Yantacaw Brook Park. This 11.5 acre oasis is a natural resource. It is also an oasis for the community, thanks to its concrete dam. Here are some interesting facts about the park. Continue reading for more details. Let’s take a closer look! What’s so great about this park?

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Yantacaw Brook is a tributary of the Third River

The Third River, or Yantacaw Brook, is one of the largest tributaries of the New Jersey River. It flows through Nutley and passes through Montclair. Its name is derived from a Lenni-Lenape word that means “place of the wood boundary.” In traditional times, the tribes of the Third River would make an annual trek to the seashore. The Third River was first recorded in 1666 as “Yountakah,” and eventually flowed into the Passaic River in Nutley.

The Third River, which was formerly known as the Yantacaw Brook, is located in Essex County, New Jersey. The river is a tributary of the Pascack Brook, and it merges with it at Woodcliff Lake Reservoir. The river flows through Park Ridge, New Jersey, and forms the border between the city and the Woodcliff Lake Reservoir. The Third River’s headwaters are in Rockland County, New York. A portion of the Third River flows through the town of Atkins Glen. It is the site of Native American artifacts found in the river. Check it out here


It is a 11.5 acre oasis

Located just off Grove Street in Montclair, New Jersey, Yantacaw Brook Park offers a peaceful escape. This park’s pond, water fountain, and six park benches are a nice addition to the neighborhood. Unfortunately, there are no picnic tables. However, if you’re interested in visiting the park, you’ll find out more about it in the paragraphs below.

The park is located in the northeastern part of Montclair, near the city’s commercial district and nearby Brookdale Park. It borders Northeast Elementary School and is only about a fifteen-minute walk from the commercial district of Upper Montclair. Located near the Third River, the park is a beautiful oasis for families to enjoy. The park is surrounded by mature trees, and the brook flows into it. It then meets the Passaic River.


It has a concrete dam

The township of Montclair, NJ has identified the Yantacaw Brook and its concrete dam as a “repetitive loss area” – meaning that properties in that region have received National Flood Insurance Program reimbursement four times or more per year. This situation will only get worse without immediate action. However, the dam cannot be removed and a new dam upstream would not be feasible.

Located in Flood Zone A, the Yantacaw Brook is a 100-year flood zone. Its base elevation is unknown. A Class IV dam must undergo regular inspections every four years. Moreover, it is listed as a priority project in the county’s hazard mitigation report. In fact, it is one of the few dams in New Jersey with this hazard level.


It is a community resource

The park is located at 30 Club Road in Montclair, New Jersey. There are six park benches and a water fountain. There are no picnic tables at this park, but there are plenty of other places to sit down and enjoy the view. The park is open to the public. The park is home to a variety of animals, including the endangered wood turtle. For the history buff, there are several historical markers scattered around the park.

The Yantacaw Brook is a tributary of the Third River in Essex County, New Jersey. The brook rises in Montclair and flows into the Third River, which meets the Passaic River. Both creeks were called Yantokah by the Lenape tribe. The park is a wonderful community resource for the area. It is a great place to take your dog for a walk or jog.


It needs repairs

The dam in Yantacaw Brook Park needs repairs. The concrete structure was built to hold up water levels in the manmade pond, but the dam has begun to fail. The brook feeds the manmade pond, and continues into the Third River before joining the Passaic River. The Lenni-Lenape people named both streams, the Third and the

Yantacaw, Yantokah.

The park has a fountain in the middle of a large pond, fed by a brook. The park’s other features are paved trails and a dam. The park is undeveloped, but it has some nice features. While the brook is not large, it runs through the park and there are bridges that cross over it. The park also has a waterfall. It’s worth mentioning that it’s a quiet neighborhood park, without many modern amenities. More

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