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How to Get to Morris Canal Park Main Street in Jersey City, Nj, United States

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Centerville Hotel

In the early 1900s, the town of Clifton was largely farmland. A canal boat basin at the center of the village created a hub of activity. Centerville soon included a general store and blacksmith shop. The Centerville Hotel was built in 1832 by a Dutch farmer, and features a wraparound porch and cupola. The building burned down in 1932, but the grounds still house the hotel’s ruins.

Bread Lock Park

Plane 9 West on the Morris Canal is one of the most visited sites along the Morris Canal. This site was home to noted Canal historian James Lee Sr., and has a 100-foot elevation change. Visitors can view the remains of a prism, former mule barn, and lock tender’s house. The County Historic Learning Center is also a popular stop, with scale models of the canal’s inclined plane. The center is open from 1-4 pm on the first Sunday of each month.

Waterloo Village

Waterloo Village, New Jersey, is an historic destination that is home to many historic buildings. The main village is located on the Morris Canal. A new mule bridge will connect the town’s main village to the park’s inclined plane. The bridge will serve as a vital link to the Morris Canal Greenway. The New Jersey Canal Society and the Friends of Waterloo Village pledged a combined total of $5,000 for the bridge repair project. Construction is expected to start in September or October. This article

Stanhope House

The Stanhope House, located at the southern end of Morris County on the border with Sussex County, has been a fixture of the Morris Canal since the mid-1700s. Many landmarks from the canal can be seen in Stanhope, such as Lake Musconetcong, a reservoir built to store water for the canal. Until the lake was lowered periodically, the towpath was located on a raised earthen causeway.

Inclined planes

The Inclined Plane is a fascinating sight. The machines that make it go up and down were housed in the Powerhouse, which was located beneath the building. The water powered reaction turbine provided power to a cable-winding drum. The tender was stationed in the cupola, and the brakeman signal would open the valve to send water into the turbine. In a later phase of the Canal’s history, the plan was replaced with a large steam engine.

Inclined planes replaced locks

In the early twentieth century, the canal’s inclined planes were a popular way to transport boats up and down the waterway. The original design featured double tracks and a descending caisson that could hold more water. The Morris Canal’s inclined planes had no external power, and they were still in use in 1860 when the Elblag Canal was opened in Poland. This project reused the original design.

Project to restore Pompton Feeder guard lock

After decades of neglect, the borough of Morristown has finally gotten around to restoring the Pompton Feeder guard lock. The lock and its attendant locks are now a gorgeous midpoint of the Morris Canal Park Main Trail. The borough of Morristown securing $1.8 million in federal grants will help complete the project. The lock tender’s house will be a beautiful jewel at the center of the canal trail. Additional info


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