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Paddle Ball Court in Sea Girt, NJ

The 17-acre maritime forest in Sea Girt, NJ has been slated for development, and a Paddleball court is one of the latest additions. But how much will it cost to build such a court? Neighbors are against it, but residents are supportive. Listed below are the pros and cons of the proposed project. And here are some facts you may not know about Sea Girt: Refer to This Article for More Information!

17-acre maritime forest in Sea Girt

The rare seventeen-acre maritime forest in Sea Girt is under threat from plans by the Seagirt Borough Council to build paddle facilities. The 17-acre park was previously cultivated but is now a maritime forest. The coastal area’s harsh climate makes row cropping unviable. Maritime forests are also a natural buffer against storms. By preserving this pristine area, Sea Girt can become a role model for ecological resilience.

The pristine beauty of the region’s coastal forests is a result of community succession, a natural process that gradually alters the mix of species and the environment. Maritime forests are formed by the gradual transformation of coastal habitats, starting with dunes. After a period of time, dead plants are incorporated into the poor, sandy soil, helping to develop the soil and protect it from new dunes. Eventually, woody species can grow in the mature soil, transforming the dunes into thickets and forests. A fantastic read!

Paddleball court proposed for Crescent Park

The city of Sea Girt recently held a special meeting via Zoom to discuss a paddling court proposed for Crescent Park. The commission agreed to add a second court based on a revised proposal. Paddle court proponent Mike D’Altrui presented the location of the new court. Some residents, however, are opposed to the project. But the council is undeterred. A paddleball court would still have to be approved by the town’s governing body.

The Sea Girt borough council unanimously voted to move forward with the project. The council unanimously approved a resolution for the project, including a new paddleball court. The new court would be located in a forested area, so it would be an unusual sight for nearby residents. Residents and the borough’s Shade Tree Commission have been consulted regarding the project. In addition to the council’s decision, the council is seeking feedback from the Sea Girt Conservancy.

Neighbors oppose project

A group of Sea Girt residents are fighting a proposed paddleball court in a 17-acre park. While the city says that it is trying to improve its public parks, neighbors are not satisfied with the project. In addition to the two existing paddleball courts, the park is planned to add a fourth. In fact, more than two hundred people have signed a petition opposing the project. Although the proposal has been approved by the Sea Girt borough council, many residents are still opposed to the idea.

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Cost of building court

The Sea Girt Borough Council approved the building of a second paddleball court at Crescent Park, a public park that’s known locally as “Crescent Park” due to its circular shape. The proposed court would be the fourth in the park, which already has two tennis courts and a paddleball court. Despite some objections from residents, the council decided to go ahead and build a third court in Crescent Park.

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