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Nov 23


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As the colder air sets in, the joy of sitting near a cozy fireplace starts to set in. Although thoughts of a nice comfortable, cozy atmosphere sound great, if not maintained property, fireplaces can be very dangers. In fact, year after year many home fires are started as a result of fireplaces and chimneys. With such a great risk, its very important that homeowners with fireplaces know how to use them safely.


Fireplace Safety Tips

  • Only burn hardwood and approved manufactured logs
    • Burning unsafe items can cause soot and creosote to build up in your chimney, which can in turn ignite a chimney fire. It is also important to ensure that you do not put materials like wet wood, trash, paper or other potentially dangers items which can cause for a fire to quickly spread throughout your entire home. To stay safe, only use dry seasoned wood or approved fire logs and fire starters in your fireplace.
  • Always Use a Fire Screen
    • Fire screens are helpful in keeping the embers in the fireplace, preventing them from flying our into your room.
  • Fireplace Maintenance
    • Before using it for the first time of the season, have your fireplace and chimney inspected. By doing this, the professionals can clean out any creosote build up and ensure that the structure is safe to use.

While these fireplace safety tips will help to keep you safe, it is also important to use the following fire safety tips to help prevent a fire in your home:

  • Test your smoke detectors monthly to ensure they are working properly
  • Keep a fire extinguisher close by to douse small flames
  • Never overload the fireplace and never leave the fireplace unattended

With these safety tips in mind, you are ready to enjoy a cozy season next to your fireplace.