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Jul 27

Fires are preventable!

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Did you know that house fires continue to be a widespread problem in the US?  On average, in 2018 the fire department responded to a fire every 24 seconds in the United States. Resulting in a reported 1.3 million fires, resulting in $25.6 billion in losses in the US. While these statistics seem scary, the good news is that many house fires are preventable. How you may ask? Let’s look at where they are most likely to occur:


  • In the Kitchen
    • Most kitchen fires happen because of grease. It is important to never leave your kitchen unattended.
  • In the Living Room
    • The living room usually has a lot of areas where fires can occur. Fireplaces, candles, electronics, etc.. add that with flammable materials like couches, blankets and carpeting and it is sure to be a main area where fires can occur.
  • Near your heating appliances
    • Electrical space heaters and other heating appliances that require fossil fuel are especially dangerous. It is important to remember to never leave these running if you are leaving the house and to be sure that flammable objects, such as blankets are not next to the heating appliance.
  • In the bedroom
    • The bedroom is filled with flammable objects, especially your mattress. It is also a place where many people like to have candles. It is important to never keep candles unattended.


Next, it is important to look at how house fires start. Given the right environment, any room in your home is susceptible to a fire, but certain environments make it more common:

  • Electrical Fires
    • Never overload a circuit or leave your lights on overnight. Additionally, try to use power strips in areas where you have a lot of devices plugged in.
  • Cooking Fires
    • Always keep an eye on any activity going on in your kitchen. Grease, while one of the main culprits, is not the only one. Burned food, in the oven or the burner is also very important to keep an eye on.
  • Candles
    • Candles are a popular home decorating item but can very quickly go from beautiful to disastrous. Never leave candles unattended or burning overnight.
  • Smoking
    • Smoking accounts for its fair share of home fires. If you or a member of your household smokes, it is always best to do so outside. Make sure that when you are finished, the butts are completely extinguished.

It is important to always take the appropriate steps to prevent household fires, but in the unlikely event that disaster was to strike, AMolly is here for you. Our service professionals are IICRC-certified in fire remediation, smoke damage restoration, water damage restoration and more.

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